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To plant, grow, produce, manufacture, process, prepare, extract, formulate, refine, hydrolyze, grind, bleach, cultivate, maintain, buy, sell, pack, repack, preserve, treat, import, export, and deal in Agricultural, Horticultural and Farm produce including food grains, pulses, rice, dals, Edible Oils, Cotton, Sugar, fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, and Food Products manufactured and prepared thereof like flour, bessan, wheat, rice, atta, hemp flax maize, starch, glucose, dextiose, paddy, sago, cereals, Ready to Eat Food Products, Drinking Mixes and Syrups, Pulps, Juices, Squashes, Jams, Jellies, Ketchups, Pickles, Papads, Spices, Chutney, Custard Powder, Bakery Products, Edible Powder, Drinks, Beverages, Ice- Creams, Food Substances, Food Concentrates, and Food Products, Health Products, Diet Food, including Soya Nuggets, Soya Lecithin, Raw Cashew and Cashew Cornel, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Baby Foods, Chocolates, Biscuits, Drinking Mixes, blended Tea, Coffee and other Drinks and to own, establish, run, maintain, manage processing centers, refineries and manufacturing, filtering and drying and cold storage plants.